Boat Storage
Boat Storage

Why Indoor Storage?

There are a multitude of advantages to storing your vehicle, camper, travel trailer, boat, or RV within our indoor storage facility. The most obvious being, they are without question a more secure and convenient alternative than simply parking in your backyard or driveway.

Let's face it, a recreational vehicle, whether being a motorhome, 5th wheel or boat is an expensive investment. With that being said, what happens when you spend your hard-earned money on your beloved RV or boat, yet fail to make the crucial investment for properly storage within an indoor facility? Let’s not find out!

Five Reasons Indoor Auto Storage is Essential:

1) The Elements: Indoor RV, boat and auto storage offers one HUGE advantage: near-total protection from the outdoor elements within our facility. Your vehicle will be completely protected from the sun and rain while being kept indoors, which can save you significant money on maintenance and repairs over the long-term. Your RV, boat, or trailer will also be in excellent condition when it comes time to take it out again.

2) The Critters: Not only can rats and mice squeeze through openings not much thicker than a postage stamp, but birds can dump on the vehicle, hundreds of various insects can find their way inside, squirrels and others can nest for safety in wheel wells and other underneath spots often resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

3) The Tires: To coincide impacts of the outdoor elements, stationary tires can be subject to cracking, air loss (leading to deterioration of the rubber) and developing of flat spots. Being stored indoors significantly reduces these risks and will greatly extend the life of your tires.

4) Equipment Problems and Failure: Leaving your RV, boat or vehicle parked for extended durations of time can result in a dreaded dead battery (or batteries). Upon the next use of your vehicle, you may encounter your battery(s) are dead or worse yet, need to be completely replaced resulting from the prolonged time between charges. To help alleviate these issues you offer power hookups (additional cost) for your battery tenders. 5) Tanks and Hoses: In the outdoor elements propane and water storage systems are also subject to accelerated leakage and deterioration.

6) Unwanted Intruders: Not all people are out to respect your investment. Unfortunately, vandalism, tagging and theft can occur without the use of secure vehicle storage. Worse yet, the perpetrators may not stop with your vehicle. The safety of your stored belongings is our priority at Jax Storage Solutions. Our facility offers excellent security features, including electronic gate access and video surveillance.

Bottom line: RVs and boats are best served when they're rolling on highways and maintained properly with oil changes and service calls, but if you're going to store your RV, think indoors. Not only does indoor storage protect your investments from the outdoor elements, weather, critters and criminal activity - we also offer services to make using your recreational vehicle more fun while eliminating stress!