Evidence Protection Services

Here at Jax Storage Solutions, we have found a much-needed solution for many legal professionals struggling to find a safe, secure, clean, and convenient option to store their auto-related evidence. Various legal personnel have utilized our indoor storage services for their auto-related evidence that could otherwise be deteriorating in the harsh Florida climatic elements. Not only do we offer secure indoor storage, our service includes a valet service for you to access your property as needed. In addition, are customers have access to a well-lit staging area (often used for photographs and inspections throughout the litigation process). We collaborate closely with each customer's preferred reconstructive service, as they need to access the automobile as well.
Preservation of auto-mobile evidence is crucial in many automobile lawsuits. Unfortunately, the pre-trial litigation can linger on for years. This puts a strong emphasis on maintaining the condition of the vehicle immediately following an accident. From storage and security to collaboration with your preferred auto re-constructive service at Jax Storage Solutions – we can essentially provide everything necessary in this component of the case you’re building. Our team at Jax Storage Solutions has you covered…. literally!