Evidence Protection

Does your law-firm, Insurance company or Vehicle Inspection Company have auto-related evidence that could is deteriorating in the harsh Florida climatic elements?

Would you have peace of mind knowing the vehicle supporting your case cannot be tampered with, stolen, or vandalized?

Do you find frustration having to tromp though a muddy storage yard to access your evidence?

Would you find value in a secure indoor storage facility in Jacksonville Florida which offers a valet service for you to access your property for inspection as needed?

Could having your valuable evidence stored indoors in a clean, convenient, and secure location be the solution to all these concerns?

How about the convenient access for you and your inspection professionals to a well-lit Vehicle Inspection area, for pictures technical inspections and viewings throughout the litigation process?

We also collaborate closely with your preferred inspection specialists as they need to access the automobile. As you well know, preservation of auto-mobile evidence is crucial in many automobile lawsuits.

Unfortunately, the pre-trial litigation can linger on for years. This puts a strong emphasis on maintaining the condition of the vehicle immediately following an accident.

From storage and security to collaboration with your preferred inspection professionals at Jax Storage Solutions – we can essentially provide everything necessary in this component of the case you’re building.

Our team at Jax Storage Solutions has you covered…. literally!

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Amenities With Jax Storage Solutions, Vehicle Evidence Protection Services, you and your precious evidence have access to the features and amenities listed below.

📷Protection of your vehicle evidence from being exposed to the harsh elements in our fully enclosed 154,000 sq. foot facility.

📷 Secure storage with 24/7 surveillance and video monitoring ensures privacy.

📷 Vehicle Wraps available for added protection and privacy

📷 Clean and well-lit Vehicle Inspection Areas

📷 Additional lighting available for inspection photos and reports

📷 We work with your preferred vehicle inspection professionals

📷 Instant 24-hour evidence drop-offs through use of our website.

📷 Wi-Fi Internet access throughout facility.

📷 Custom dolly construction for disabled vehicles.

📷 Nation Wide Vehicle Transport arrangements available Knowledgeable staff.


At Jax Storage Solutions our number one objective is to keep your evidence safe, secure and private. Our facility is high security, featuring the following to ensure your property is always well protected:

📷 Access Control Access keypads for entry and exit Cameras at every keypad to monitor and record who's coming and going.

📷 State-of-the-art Alarm System Unauthorized Access Control Motion Detectors

📷 Fire Monitoring

📷 State-of-the-art camera surveillance system

📷 24-hour video surveillance