What are your office hours?
You will have 24-hour access for dropping off your vehicle evidence. Our office hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday at which time you may schedule an appointment to view and inspect your automobile evidence. Scheduling for inspections is done through our online scheduling system.

How does the Evidence Protection Service work?

Drop Off: Upon completion of your vehicle evidence storage sign-up (via the jaxstoragesolutions.com website) you will create your own security gate code. This code will provide you instant accessibility to our very secure drop off area. Your tow truck driver can drop the vehicle off in the area 24/7. We can also make arrangements to have the vehicle picked up for you.

Upon arrival, simply park your automobile evidence in the drop off area. By using your gate code, our staff is alerted there is drop off waiting to be pulled into our facility, and out of the elements. They will then be on their way to securing your automobile indoors until your next visit is necessary.

Scheduling Inspections: When you or your inspection professionals are ready to visit and inspect your vehicle simply schedule a time for your inspection through use of our website: www.jaxstoragesolutions.com Next, click the link on the menu Schedule Pick Up. This will take you to our scheduling system, where you will schedule all future inspection appointments.

You will be able to schedule the date and time in which you would like your vehicle placed in our well-lit private inspection area. You will be notified via email confirming that you’re ready to go at your scheduled appointment time.
When am I able to access my vehicle Evidence?
You have 24/7 access to drop off your vehicle evidence and can schedule an appointment time for viewing of your vehicle during regular office hours.

  • Please note that we relocate vehicles to the inspection areas during normal business hours. Therefore, a minimum of 24-hour advanced notice is recommended to insure we have enough time to have your vehicle set-up for your inspections.
What sets you apart from competitors? Jax Storage Solutions is the only indoor storage facility in the area that provides the service of vehicle evidence protection and storage.
Do you have a safe facility?
Always! Our state-of-the-art security camera system and computerized access control ensures your vehicles security.

At Jax Storage Solutions our number one objective is to keep your evidence safe, secure and private. Our facility is high security, featuring the following to ensure your property is always well protected:

Access Control
Access keypads for entry and exit Cameras at every keypad to monitor and record who's coming and going.

Alarm System
State-of-the-art Alarm System Unauthorized Access Control Motion Detectors
Fire Monitoring

Camera Monitoring
State-of-the-art camera surveillance system
24-hour video surveillance